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Hailing from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England and now based in Austin, Texas - as a six piece with horns - Nic Armstrong & The Thieves put on a real fun show built on super strong Great British songs. The music has garnered the attention of national media outlets such as Rolling Stone, NME, NPR, BBC, The Late Late Show. As past Coachella and ACL performers, they have toured internationally across North America, UK and Europe with icons Oasis, Paul Weller and The Pretenders. Newest release - Negative Slant EP - is out now and follows on from Pocketless Shirt, Broken Mouth Blues and debut The Greatest White Liar.

In March 2017, Nic returned to the UK (for the first time since 2006) and made a beeline to Toe Rag Studios in London to start production on the follow-up to The Greatest White Liar.

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“Knife-blade-treble guitars and the vengeful crash of the early Who and Kinks” - ROLLING STONE

“a talented songwriter - a truly exceptional singer” - THE SUNDAY TIMES

"pretty special, man” - NOEL GALLAGHER, OASIS

“fuck me, who's this chirpy sod?” - NME

"great band" - THE FADER

“Melodies so instant they could arrive in a jar.” - THE GUARDIAN

“mean, lean, original” - THE DAILY MIRROR

“Noel Gallagher became a fan and invited [him on tour with] Oasis...toured Europe and the UK with Paul Weller...did [two tours] with the Pretenders, catching the ear of Rolling Stone's David Fricke.” - AUSTIN CHRONICLE

“scratchy, lascivious blues” - NME

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“an antidote to the narcissistic early twenty-first century ‘scene’” - THE OBSERVER

“Armstrong has such an easy way about him; his songs are short and catchy, with a fuzzy abandon that's never abrasive… from another dimension.” - AV CLUB, THE ONION

"inspirational” - MOJO

“Check him out: It's no lie...his debut album is great" - DAVID FRICKE, ROLLING STONE

“the music he produces is something very much alive, vibrant and of this century” - FREE PRESS HOUSTON

“Nic Armstrong brings the fuzz and bubblegum in spades…the song writing is so strong.” - PASTE

“fuck, I want to do tunes like that” - MILES KANE

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Nic Armstrong
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